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Duke Onkled

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Duke Onkled
TWoG Duke Onkled Cutscene Sprite.png
Title(s) Duke of Gamelon
Race Hylian
Gender Male

Duke Onkled (pronounced /ˈɒnkləd/ ON-kləd)[1] is a character who appears in Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.


Duke Onkled is the ruler of the island of Gamelon.[2] When King Harkinian announces that Duke Onkled is under attack and his island territory likely under Ganon's siege, he departs to aid Onkled,[1] but does not return. Link is sent in his stead, but after no word from either of them, Zelda and Impa sail to Gamelon to find them.

Duke Onkled is later revealed to be corrupt, and is actually working for Ganon and allowed him to take over Gamelon and imprison many of its inhabitants. He had betrayed King Harkinian and had him captured by Ganon.[3] Lord Kiro was also captured by Ganon's minion Hektan and imprisoned at Dodomai Palace, Onkled's castle. After freeing Lord Kiro, he informs Zelda of Onkled's betrayal and tells her to strike the head of his portrait within the palace library to enter Onkled's chamber, where they find him hiding. Onkled pleads them not to hurt him, and tells Zelda the secret passage into Reesong Palace where Ganon is and gives her the key to the gate. He is then apprehended by Lord Kiro.

After Zelda defeats Ganon and frees her father, Duke Onkled is turned over to the King and begs for his mercy.[4] He is punished by the King to "scrub all the floors in Hyrule,"[5] and is taken away by Lord Kiro.



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