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Dera Zol

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Dera Zol
Four Swords - Talus Cave Guardian.png
Game(s)Four Swords
Dungeon(s)Talus Cave
Weakness(es)Pegasus Boots
Reward(s)Great Key

Dera Zol is the boss of the Talus Cave in Four Swords. It is a large slug-like creature that attacks by jumping up and down, primarily to crush the heroes should they move underneath its body, but also to shake off icicles that will injure them should one land on them. To defeat the beast, the Links must repeatedly charge into it using the Pegasus Boots to bump it into the ice wall, freezing it.[1] At this point the heroes can slash at it with their swords to cause damage.

After hacking away at the frozen Zol enough, the ice will shatter to instead reveal a smaller creature similar to an Octorok. This form then blows up four balloon-like spheres to surround it. Striking any of these spheres will electrify the heroes, except the orb that matches his own color. However, each Link can only see the color of one orb that does not correspond to his tunic, meaning the players must work together to deduce which sphere they can strike.[2] After dealing this form enough damage, Dera Zol will explode.


  • Dera Zol, as the name and slime-like appearance suggests, seems to be related to a Zol. Despite this, its second form bears a closer resemblance to an Octorok.
  • Using the Pegasus Boots to weaken the boss, as well as its hopping behavior, is similar to Slime Eye from Link's Awakening. In Japan, Slime Eye is known as Deguzoru, or "Big Zol".
  • "Dera" appears to be short for "Doerai", a Japanese word meaning "immense" or "awesome".



  1. "Dash into the ice wall!" — N/A (Four Swords)
  2. "Whose color do you see? Share it with the others!" — N/A (Four Swords)
TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デラゾル (Derazoru) Doerai Zol
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Delu Zol
Federal Republic of Germany German Delu Zol
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