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Zeldapedia's logo
Owner(s)Zeldapedia Community
Launch DateJune 15, 2005

Zeldapedia is a wiki hosted on Wikia that is focused on The Legend of Zelda series. Due to being hosted on Wikia, Zeldapedia is a competing wiki with Zelda Wiki. The wiki was created on June 15, 2005 by Champion Kai. In June 2007, a merge between Zeldapedia and Zelda Wiki was proposed by Wikia staff member Angela Beesley.[1] The proposal was rejected by staff members on both sites.

In November 2010, Wikia disabled the Monaco skin and enabled the Wikia, nicknamed Oasis, skin. This decision prompted a discussion on Zeldapedia on whether the wiki should continue to be hosted on Wikia or not, with the majority of the users being in favor of the former.[2]

Characteristics and Policies

Like other wikis at Wikia, Zeldapedia sets its own policies. This results in certain differences from Zelda Wiki. Much like other Wikia wikis, Zeldapedia had allowed anonymous, non-registered, users to edit but an update of the COPPA Act has prompted Wikia as a whole to end anonymous editing on wikis with a target audience of thirteen and under. Some criticisms commonly raised against Wikia itself are potentially extended to their hosted wikis such as Zeldapedia, such as perceptions of a more centralized and less community based or caring approach, while criticisms of being primarily financially motivated rarely extend to various Wikis and their users and staff.

One notable policy difference between Zeldapedia and Zelda Wiki is the usage of citations and references which, while core principles here at ZW.org, are less valued at Zeldapedia.[3]


Wikia as a whole is run by its own staff, and each individual wiki has their own governing body. Zeldapedia's current staff is as follows:

Spin off wikis

Zeldapedia has a number of spin-off wikis, including the Zelda Fanon Wiki which has 900+ articles as of June 2012.

Other Languages

Zeldapedia incorporates a number of sub-wikis for various languages. Most have remained small in size (the largest as of June 13th 2009 being the Spanish Zeldapedia), with fewer than 500 articles between them.


In November of 2011, after the affiliation between ZeldaInformer and Zelda Wiki ended, ZeldaInformer and Zeldapedia affiliated together. The affiliation lasted until July of 2013.


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