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TitleOcular Parasite
Game(s)Skyward Sword
Theme Music

Ocular Parasite: Bilocyte is a large parasite that appears as a Boss in Skyward Sword. It enters into and possesses the Great Sky Spirit Levias, who lives in Thunderhead.


Bilocyte is a large red parasite that possesses Levias, controlling his body and mind and making the Sky Spirit much more aggresive than usual. It has a single large head that contains a vulnerable eyeball and two frills, its two main weaknesses. It also has many tentacles, each holding an eye at the end, extended from holes along Levias's body.

To defeat Bilocyte, Link must first use his Loftwing to Spiral Charge into the eyeball at the end of each tentacle hanging out of Levias's body. Alternatively, using the Bow and a well-aimed Arrow, Link can shoot down the tentacles from atop Levias. Once all the tentacles are destroyed, a single eyeball will attack Link from its position rooted inside Levias's blowhole.

This larger eyeball is not another tentacle, but the head of the parasite. When it appears, Link must land atop Levias's head to fight the creature. Bilocyte attacks Link by spitting out green projectiles from its mouth, which Link must repel in such a way that they impact Bilocyte's frills, closing them. After impacting both frills, Link can either reflect more projectiles into Bilocyte's eye, use a Skyward Strike, or fire an arrow at it to bring it down, allowing Link to release a barrage of sword strikes upon it. After repeating this process a few more times, Bilocyte is destroyed and Levias is restored.[1]



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 巨眼寄生種パラスパラス (Kyogan Kiseishu Parasu Parasu) Giant-eyed Parasite: Paras Paras
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Parásito ocular gigante, Aléginor Giant Ocular Parasite, Aléginor
French Republic FrenchEU Palaparas, Parasite aux yeux géants Giant-eyed Parasite: Palaparas
Canada FrenchCA Parasite aux yeux géants : Bilocyte Giant-eyed Parasite: Bliocyte
Federal Republic of Germany German Fauläugiger Riesenparasit: Baras Baras Foul-Eyed Giant Parasite: Baras Baras
Italian Republic Italian Drosera, Parassita gigante Sundew, Parasitic Giant
Republic of Korea Korean 거안기생충 파라스파라스 (Geo'an Gisaengchung Paraseuparaseu) Giant-eyed Parasitic Creature: Parasparas



  1. "If I'm correct, Levias is the one inside the thunderhead. But...that's not the Levias that we all know. That's...a monster! It certainly looks like Levias, but last time I approached him, he came rushing at me! And his eyes... They were full of malice. People change... Or old, wizened creatures change, rather. Perhaps it's more that...he is possessed by something. That's how it felt to me." — Owlan (Skyward Sword)
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